Water Balance


Product Description

pH & Alkalinity Reducer (7kg, 25kg)
Depending on the method of dosing, Fi-Clor pH & Alkalinity Reducer will lower either the pH or the total alkalinity in swimming pool water. High pH can result in cloudy water and contribute to scale formation and may reduce the effectiveness of chlorine based sanitisers. High alkalinity will make it difficult to lower the pH as any correcting chemicals will be taken up by the buffering action of the alkalinity.
– Improves water quality
– Fast acting
– Corrects high pH & alkalinity
– Ideal for all pools and compatible with all treatment products

pH Increaser (5kg)
Fi-Clor pH Increaser is used to raise the pH level in swimming pool water. pH is a measure of how acid or how alkaline (basic) the water is. Low pH can lead to skin or eye irritation and corrosion of equipment.
– Fast acting
– Corrects low pH
– Ideal for all pools and compatible with all treatment products

Alkalinity Increaser (5kg)
Fi-Clor Alkalinity Increaser is used to raise the total alkalinity level in swimming pool water. Alkalinity is a measure of the amount of alkali (bicarbonates, carbonates and hydroxides) in the water. If the alkalinity is too low, any chemicals added to the pool will directly affect the pH, causing rapid fluctuations in pH readings. Alkalinity at the correct level will help protect, or ‘buffer’ the pH.
– Corrects lowtotal alkalinity
– Helps to maintain the pH level
– Ideal for all pools and compatible with all treatment products.

Hardness Increaser (4kg)
Fi-Clor Hardness Increaser raises the calcium hardness level in swimming pool water. Calcium hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium (and magnesium) in pool water. If there is insufficient dissolved calcium, the water will try and take it from the grouting and concrete in the pool. High levels are not a major cause for concern provided the pH and alkalinity are within recommended parameters, but the reading should be kept below 1,000mg/l (ppm) if possible.
– Corrects low calcium hardness
– No need to pre-dissolve
– ideal if your pool has corrosion problems

Chlorine Stabiliser (3kg)
Fi-Clor Chlorine Stabiliser protects chlorine in outdoor pools by minimising wasteful loss of sanitiser to sunlight.
Do not use Stabiliser in your pool if it is sanitised using stabilised chlorine products, otherwise there is a high risk of the water becoming overstabilised
– Prevents loss of chlorine to sunlight
– Raises stabiliser levels
– Reduces wastage of chlorine
– Essential for outdoor pools