Walu Starlight


Product Description

Walu Starlight Manual Safety Cover: Refined Performance For Rectangular Pools

Walu Starlight is an enhanced and refined version of the popular Evolution model. The support poles for the Starlight are inversed so the half-round suspends beneath the cover giving a more aesthetically pleasing look to the visible cover surface. The end of the support
poles are formed with flattened profiles which allows for a closer and flatter fit to the coping stones.

The main benefit of these features however is that the inversed poles mean that the cover is easier to handle, with both the winding and un-winding being smoother operations.

Walu Starlight is designed for use on rectangular pools only (with or without steps and ladders) so the inversed support bars can sit neatly between the coping stones and as such coping to coping measurements must be supplied when ordering.