Walu Air Inflatable Cover


Product Description

Walu Air – Inflatable Winter Safety Cover
The ingenious Walu Air is both a winter debris cover and a safety cover. Conforming to standard NF P 90-308 the Walu Air effectively creates an inflated pillow which -plugs’ the shape of the pool, ensuring that debris cannot get under the cover into the pool and, due to its unique convex shape, ensuring that rain and impurities flow to the pool side thus keeping the pool water clean and clear. The solid PVC manufacture of the cover, combined with its shape, also means that the pool is sealed from accidental entry by people and animals – you can’t get under it, you can’t get on top of it!

Available in a range of colours, the Walu Air is manufactured from a heavy duty
650g/m2 opaque PVC which is fully welded as opposed to stitched. The cover overlaps the pool by 35cm all around and is secured by traditional spring, pin and strap fixings. The cover inflates by means of a mains voltage inflator (supplied as an extra) and it is recommended that for covers on pool over 8m x 4m handling straps are purchased to ease application and removal.

– Unique design offers safety and keeps the pool clean
– Heavy duty (650g/m2) welded PVC
– Available in 5 colour options
– Opaque colouring restricts UV entry and reduces algae growth
– Suitable for pools up to 11.5m x 5m
– Steps on end of pool can be covered
– Cut out options for ladders and counter current available (extra cost)
– Average cover weight 1200g/m2
– Not suitable for freeform pools