Underlay & Adhesives


Product Description

Liner underlay or foam is an essential extra for achieving the best possible finish for your newly lined pool. Suitable for site lined and bag lined pools, liner underlay or foam offers slight cushioning and protection to the rear of the lining and contributes a smoothing effect to the pool shell.

Our 8mm foam is cut to a 1.02m (3′ 4-) width to suit a standard wall depth and offers extra protection and cushioning in these higher impact areas. Foam is generally used on walls only. It is recommended that on metal panel walls felt is used in place of foam as differentials in temperature can cause condensation built up behind the liner – felt will allow this moisture to percolate to the pool floor as opposed to sit behind the membrane.

Underlay felt is suitable for all areas of a pool structure and is available in three grades. The industry standard 300g per m2 product is available by the m2 to suit individual installations or in trade rolls of 200m2 (100m x 2m) for multiple installations.

Our reinforced underlay felt is a heavier duty (375g per m2) and includes a woven scrim which makes this felt more rigid and easier to position on the pool shell planes – it is also more durable and is commonly used on site lining installations (Certikin use this as standard when site-lining) and is available in full rolls of 50m x 2m

Our new economy felt is a finer, lighter-weight (250g per m2), lower price product designed to offer basic protection on smaller or lower cost pools.