TLX Steel Filters


Product Description

Designed from experience working in the industrial water treatment sector, TLX filters are recognised for their strength, high resistance to corrosion and design flexibility. Bespoke filters can be produced to suit specifications including varying bed depths, steel plate thickness and port positions.

Typical uses include municipal swimming pool filtration, commercial fish farming, water process industries and chemical treatment plants.

Standard features
– Top and side manhole access
– BS4504 PN10/16 flanges
– Internal protective epoxy coating
– Primed sand painted exterior finish
– Integral lifting eyes
– Filtration rate 30 m3/m2/hr
– 2.5 BAR max. working pressure
– 4.0 BAR test pressure


– Nozzle plate or lateral arms underdrain system
– Sight glass
– Rubber linings for ozone treatment
– Alternative pressure ratings