Tieleman Moving Floor


Product Description

Since 1974 Tieleman have been designing, manufacturing and installing movable floors into swimming pools across Northern Europe.

The safety and quality of the floors are of paramount importance and all floors and components are guaranteed and approved to European standards.

Key Benefits:

– More Space: allows you to use the same space for swimming and as a multi-functional floor area
– Savings: in the upright position the floor will reduce heat loss and evaporation
– Safety: in the upright position the floor is locked in place making a barrier between the pool hall and the water
– Unique Design: every floor is designed and manufactured in house making the perfect floor for your pool
– Technology: the pool floor is driven by pool water only so no chance of contamination with oil or any other substance
– Low Maintenance: the floors have minimal moving parts to minimise maintenance
– Totally Adjustable: every floor can be adjusted to any height at 1cm intervals
– Dividing Walls: We can create two pools from one with dividing walls
– Commercial & Domestic we can supply floors for both commercial and domestic pools
– Walk In Steps: steps can be integrated into the floors
– Full Service Offered: we offer the full service from design right through to installation

– infinitely adjustable floor height
– high quality materials
– various floor finishes
– user-friendly touch screen controls
– 316l stainless steel components
– pool water hydraulic drive
– speed up to 0.5m/min
– floors can slope
– height adjustable to 1cm
– optional digital depth display
– full design and installation service offered
– suitable for skimmer and overflow pools

Please contact Certikin for more details – projects are priced individually.