The Calorex HRD System


Product Description

The Calorex HRD System – Huge Capacity Air Handling Units Specifically For Commercial Indoor pools
A superb thermodynamic control system from Calorex. These powerful units provide huge capacities for complete control of very large indoor pool projects. The HRD is the ideal system
for use with distribution ductwork.

The Calorex HRD System

The HRD is a unique environmental control unit designed specifically for use on larger indoor pool projects. Ideally suited to Leisure, Commercial & Municipal projects, the HRD automatically controls the whole internal environment. This comprehensive equipment is one of the most energy efficient systems built, offering heat recovery to both air and pool water. Integral controls ensure a carefully balanced environment, whatever size of pool. If you require FREE design advice, specifications or guidance, we will be happy to assist.

Features & Benefits

– Dual mode heat recovery
– Twin fan system
– Twin compressors
– Ozone friendly
– Low running costs
– Compact design
– Built to suit each project
– Optional configurations
– Air quality monitoring
– Optional alarm signalling facility
– Full service back-up
– Commissioned FREE of charge (UK only)

Approx Footprint size allow:

– 3.3m x 1.1m for HD1500 & HD2000
– 4.1m x 1.8m for HD2500 & HD3000

Maximum Height:
– HD1500 = 2.06 metres
– HD2000 = 2.06 metres
– HD2500 = 2.48 metres
– HD3000 = 2.48 metres