The Calorex Delta


Product Description

The Calorex Delta
An intelligent fresh air dehumidifier and ventilation system with dynamic heat pump heat recovery to swimming pool water and air.

The Ultimate environmental control system – designed specifically to take full control of the whole indoor environment and pool water
heating. A unique multi-functional single unit offering immense flexibility.

Government Cash Back Scheme
The Calorex Delta 14 and 16 benefit from ECA scheme approval. This means the Delta 14 and 16 are recognised as able to provide low carbon and energy efficient environmental control. These two units are the first and only specialist swimming pool heat pump heat recovery machines to be included in this Government Cash Back Scheme. For additional details visit:

The Delta is an excellent system for use with distribution ductwork, automatically controlling:
– Humidity level
– Air temperature
– Water temperature
– Ventilation
Note: Ground and air source heat pumps are ideal for supplying LPHW to Calorex air handling units. For feasibility, design and cost implications, please contact our H & V division.

Each Delta is an extremely energy efficient unit designed and built specifically to suit each pool project. A combination of its compact design and optional positions of ductwork spigots and access panels, establishes the Delta as the ultimate equipment in its class.

Features & Benefits
– Dual mode heat recovery
– Twin fan system
– Ozone friendly
– Low running costs
– Compact design
– Built to suit each project
– Optional configurations
– Full service back-up
– BMS compatibility option

Note: All Deltas require a sufficient supply of electricity and low pressure boiler water.

For guidance, LPHW circulation pumps needed: Delta 1-8, Grundfos UPS 25-80 (or similar) Delta 10-16, Grundfos UPS 40-120 (or similar).