Tank Accessories


Product Description

Chemical Holding Tanks – Cylindrical
This range of holding tanks can be considered the -standard’ type suitable for most plant rooms. The tanks feature a raised platform on top which allows for easy mounting of chemical dosing pumps etc. As standard, the cylindrical tanks are produced in natural MDPE.

25Lt Holding Tank 340mm dia x 425mm h
60Lt Holding Tank 380mm dia x 635mm h
108Lt Holding Tank 470mm dia x 680mm h
230Lt Holding Tank 610mm dia x 870mm h
530Lt Holding Tank 830mm dia x 1065mm h

Chemical Bund Tanks – Cylindrical
All chemical storage vessels within a plant room should be bunded for safety reasons. The below range is suitable for use with the cylindricaltanks listed above.

To suit 25Lt Tank 470mm dia x 173mm h
To suit 25Lt Tank 380mm dia x 343mm h
To suit 60Lt Tank 470mm dia x 430mm h
To suit 108Lt Tank 610mm dia x 445mm h
To suit 230Lt Tank 830mm dia x 480mm h
To suit 530Lt Tank 1005mm dia x 735mm h

Chemical Holding Tanks – Rectangular
Ideal for plant rooms with limited or restricted floor space available. Supplied in natural MDPE as standard. Larger sizes are available upon request.

25Lt Holding Tank 370mm h x 270mm x 350mm
50Lt Holding Tank 370mm h x 300mm x 500mm
75Lt Holding Tank 440mm h x 300mm x 600mm
125Lt Holding Tank 460mm h x 290mm x 1100mm
175Lt Holding Tank 620mm h x 290mm x 1100mm
250Lt Holding Tank 825mm h x 325mm x 1100mm

For more information on our dosing range and to help select product suitable for your application, please download the Certikin Dosing Brochure below, or contact our sales team for assistance.