Swimflo Pump HPS Supply In Dubai


Product Description

Swimflo is the latest fitness gear company to enter the UAE market, and they’re doing so with a bang! With an expansive range of swim-fitness equipment, Swimflo has something for everyone. Not only do they have top-of-the-line swim gear, but they also have a wide selection of bikes, weights, and other training accessories.

What is Swimflo Pump?

Swimflo Pump is a type of water pump that uses a hydrostatic principle to move water. It is a self-priming pump that can be submerged in water, making it ideal for use in wet areas such as swimming pools and spas.

Swimflo pumps are available in both electric and gasoline versions, with the latter being more affordable but less energy efficient. They come with a long life expectancy and are easy to maintain, making them the perfect pump for businesses and homeowners who want to save on energy costs.

How does Swimflo Pump work?

Swimflo Pump is a water pump that can be used to provide continuous flow of water in any direction. It is powered by electricity and has a low noise level. The pump can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Benefits of using Swimflo Pump?

Swimflo Pump HPS Supply In Dubai is a great way of keeping your pool water clean and healthy. This pump circulates water quickly and efficiently, leaving the pool sparkling and looking beautiful. Additionally, Swimflo pumps are quiet, so you can enjoy your pool without any disturbance. Finally, this pump is affordable, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to keep their pool in top condition.

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Swimflo Pump is a new and innovative technology for floating pumps. Swimflo pump is the first of its kind to offer both a floating and non-floating option for pumps.
Swimflo pump offers two options: the Floating Pump and the Non-Floating Pump.
The Floating Pump has a built in floatation system that keeps it afloat while you are pumping so you can remain stationary and enjoy the benefits of the floating pump without having to worry about it sinking.
The Non-Floating Pump allows you to attach the pump to your existing shower hose, making it easy and convenient to use.

The Certikin Swimflo Pump HPS for swimming pool circulation pump is available in 0.3HP (0.24kW), 0.5HP (0.37kW), 0.75HP (0.55kW), 1HP (0.74kW) and 1.5HP (1.1kW) sizes.

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Swimflo Pump HPS Features
– High hydraulic efficiency
– Improved self-priming
– One-piece body in the durable resistant composite material
– Innovative design with patented strainer basket
– Suitable for salt chlorinated pools

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