Special Application Products


Product Description

Winteriser (3 Ltr)
Fi-CLOR Winteriser has been specially developed to help prevent algae and fungi when the pool is shut down for the winter. It can also help prevent the formation of scale and staining from dissolved minerals so the water and pool surfaces are in good order when the pool is re-opened in spring. It is compatible with all sanitisers, and will not affect the pH.
– Prevents the formation of scale and staining from disolved minerals
– Contains long life algicides

Tile & Liner Cleaner(1 Ltr)
Fi-Clor Tile & Liner Cleaner is specially formulated to clean unsightly deposits of dirt, suncream and grease found along the waterline, which if untreated can become a breeding site for bacteria. This convenient gel adheres well to vertical surfaces, making them easier to clean.
– Graduated container
– Compatible on all types of pool surface

Stain & Scale Inhibitor (2kg)
Fi-Clor Stain & Scale Inhibitor helps prevent staining caused by dissolved minerals, especially where the water is discoloured or where levels of iron, copper and manganese are known to be too high. It can also help prevent the formation of scale and rough deposits on pool surfaces. If pool surfaces are already stained or scaled, use Fi-Clor Stain and Scale Remover.
– Helps reduce scale
– Phosphate free – lowers risk of algae
– Ideal for hard water areas

Chlorine/Bromine Reducer (2.5kg)

Fi-Clor Chlorine/Bromine Reducer neutralises high levels of chlorine or bromine in pool water. Ii is an ideal treatment when chlorine or bromine levels are higher than recommended for bathing, and there is insufficient time for them to fall naturally.
– Corrects sanitiser levels
– Fast acting
– Rapid dissolving with no residue
– no need to waste heated pool water
– Ideal after quick shock doses

Phosphate Remover (1 Ltr)
Fi-Clor Phosphate Remover is suitable for all types of pool and is compatible with all types of sanitiser. Its ultra-concentrated formula and low unit dose makes it the ideal solution for pools with recurring algae problems.
If the pool water already contains algae, remove it by using a standard shock product such as Fi-Clor Superfast Granules. When there is no more algae remaining, follow the treatment steps below
– Reduces Algicide Consumption
– Easy to use measuring cap
– Could solve recurring algae problems