Solar Weave 400 Micron


Product Description

Heat retention bubble covers:
Certikin heat retention bubble covers are manufactured from the highest grade materials and are suitable for all pools. Based on a 400 micron density bubble material and with a tough, tear resistant woven surface, these covers are suitable for frequent use areas where durability is essential. Solar weave is particularly suitable for outdoor pools as it combines the features of a heat retention cover with the translucent surface of a solar blanket, thus also benefiting from solar gain. As with all Certikin covers, floor level welding makes them as flat and even as possible. Hemming is available for extra longevity, and covers can be made to size or are easily trimmed on site.

Solar Weave

– Tough, tear resistant top surface for longevity and improved heat retention
– Semi-transparent colouring also allows solar gain
– Increased UV protection
– Weight 540g/m2 : 2060mm panel width : density 400 micron Bubbleweave
– 3 years pro-rata warranty