Semi-Portable Aquatic Lift (SPLASH)


Product Description

A removable deck mounted aquatic lift that can be used with existing sleeves. The unique design of the Splash! keeps all swimming lanes clear when the unit is in place. The Splash! is also perfectly suited for residential pools.

Easy to use:
– The Splash! can be operated by either the user or an attendant and its hand control is completely waterproof.
– Consistent and reliable. No need for water pressure to run unit.
– Provides a 300lbs (136Kg) lifting capacity with standard Splash!, or 375lbs 170Kg) with Splash! HD (Heavy Duty) version.
– Safe, secure, effective and suitable for all municipal pools and residential users.
– Virtually maintenance free and made with corrosion proof materials. A lifetime warranty on the frame.

Standard Splash
A portable deck mounted lift with 359 degree access that can be operated by either the user or attendant.

Splash! Spa (replaces Hi)
Designed for use with spas up to 52- (1320mm) above the deck.

Splash! Hi/Lo
The perfect accessory for facilities that have an above ground spa and an in-ground pool. The dual position chair allows a single lift to be used in both locations.

– A removable deck mounted aquatic lift. Can be used with existing deck anchors or easily installed with any standard anchor.
– Provides 359