Redox Dosing Systems


Product Description

Redox Based Systems
Redox based systems indicate the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of the water and not directly the quantity of sanitiser (oxidant) present.

ORP is an indication of the activity level of the sanitiser and can be used to control a set point to safe guard bathers. ORP (Redox) can be used in conjunction with amperometric systems which can then show both the ppm level and activity of the sanitiser (displayed as a mV value).

The systems shown offer an economical method of monitoring the pool or spa water quality and are best suited to domestic applications.

Installation, Commissioning & Training

All prices for Redox Based Dosing Systems allow for our installation, commissioning and introductory training service in the mainland UK only. Any area or country outside of the mainland UK will incur extra cost which we would be happy to provide a quotation for upon request**

Free On-Site Survey
Certikin offer a free, no obligation, on-site survey to specify equipment and training required. To arrange a visit to your site, please contact the CertiChem team for more information.

* Pumps (where applicable), tanks and other accessories are required in order to form a complete system. See page 319 for more information
** Approved installers can purchase equipment for self installation at a reduced cost