Pro Pac Heat Pump – All Year Heating


Product Description

The Pro-Pac…Intelligent Water Heating
The Pro Pac Heat Pump range has a time clock facility fitted as standard. This allows you to set a runtime to coincide with the filtration cycle (via standard time clock supplied by others). Periodically through the day, the Pro-Pac will start the circulation pump for a sampling period, if there is a demand it will continue to run, however, if demand is met the circulation pump will turn off along with the heat pump. This will reduce circulation pump operating time making the use of the heat pump even more efficient!!

Most of the reputed swimming pool companies in Dubai are using the Calorex heating cooling system.

It is strongly recommended that checks are made in relation to starting amps and load requirements for these machines.

The Pro Pac Heat Pump Range are purpose designed for swimming pool heating and can be installed outside or in a plant room. They are highly efficient with a wound tube in tube Titanium condenser and come with a rotary or scroll compressor and water flow switch. Can be fitted with a soft start should the installation require and are produced in 8kW to 22kW sizes, in both single and three phase models.

We are the Calorex Heating Cooling system suppliers in Dubai.

Calorex Pro Pac Heat Pump -X’ Range Summer Season Heat Pump

UK Manufacturer responds to UK climate and market changes. The new -X’ Range incorporates a hot gas defrost. This allows the units to operate in the UK summers recently experienced. We believe that Calorex is the only manufacturer that has monitored and responded to its marketplace. The new -X’ Range will operate to a lower ambient temperature, making for a better heating season at a very competitive price.