Pro-Pac Air-Water High Capacity Heat Pumps


Product Description

Producing Hot Water for the majority of domestic and commercial applications has historically been by way of burning fossil fuels. The result of producing hot water by fossil fuelled heaters (however efficient), is to produce CO2. Most people are now aware of the detrimental effects of CO2 on our environment, and the need to seriously consider climate friendly alternatives.

Air-Water High Capacity Heat Pumps
Air-to-water heat pumps have successfully been installed for many years, especially for providing efficient pool water heating. This equipment absorbs energy from the external air rather than from the earth’s strata; therefore eliminating the need for heat collector pipework. Again, the absorbed energy is considerably upgraded and transferred to the LPHW circuit using efficient heat pump technology.

Heating System Options
Air source equipment can either be installed for sole provision of LPHW heating (known as a Monovalent system), or in conjunction with more traditional heating methods such as boilers, known as a Bivalent system. A -buffer- tank is needed to assist with the demands of the hot water system.
The LPHW can also be upgraded in temperature, if necessary, by independent heating (by others).