Pool Repair Products


Product Description

The Leakmaster range of product,manufactured by Anderson, offers a range of problem solving products designed to help with many pool problems, but especially with vinyl liners. From leak detection to repair, Leakmaster helps with a speedy and accurate solution.

Leakmaster Peel & Stick Vinyl Pool Patches are an excellent addition to the range – offering instant adhesion onto vinyl liners under water. If you have a small puncture or tear in your liner, simply wipe the area to clean lightly, peel off the patch backing and apply into place. The instant grab solvent free adhesives immediately adhere to the liner and the bond strength continues to build over a 24 hour period.

The patches are practically invisible when underwater and will not yellow over time. Available in a multi-pack of 4 x 2-, 7 x 1 ??? and 10 x 1?. The patches are pre-cut to diameters. No glues or adhesives are required – literally peel and stick. Peel & Stick is also available as a 175mm x 610mm sheet.

Leakmaster Flexible Sealer and Leak Repair
Manufactured by leak-repair specialists Anderson, Leakmaster is a nitrile-rubber based sealant which provides a strong adhesive bond to almost any surface around the pool – including liner vinyl. When applied to a surface, Leakmaster skins over in seconds, even
underwater, and can then be flattened into place leaving a strong but flexible repair which can fully cure in minutes depending on the application.
– Seals vinyl liner leaks with or without a patch
– Seals between liner and face plates and fittings
– Can be used as a thread sealant
– Seals small cracks in concrete and render
– Can be applied underwater
– Available in white and light blue

Leakmaster Pre-Filled Dye Testers

These convenient syringe style testers are charged with a special concentrated dye that holds together underwater. A six-inch plastic -needle’ allows for precise dye placement without creating unwanted currents.
– Identify the precise location of structural pool leaks
– Identify water movement in or out of pipes
– Can be re-filled with Leakmaster dye
– Available in blue (for light backgrounds) and fluorescent yellow (for dark backgrounds).
– Sold as single units
– Deep water dye kit pole attachment available

Leakmaster Butyl Tape
Hand-mouldable rubber gap filler that can be applied underwater without the mess of sealants or mixed products. The tape retains a flexible, tacky consistency making it well suited for a variety of permanent and temporary leak-stopping applications.
– Replace gaskets without removing the fitting
– Fill and seal cracks, gaps and voids
– Ideal for packing around cable where glands have perished.
– Available in 15′ length
– Workable at temperatures below freezing
– Can be removed if required