Pool Mats


Product Description

Simply the easiest way to decorate your pool! PoolMat is a high quality pool motif manufactured on heavy duty vinyl with UV and chemical resistant inks which simply sits on your pool floor.

No adhesives, no suction, no specialist fixing required. The PoolMat is held down by its own
weight and the pool water. All you need to do is slide the mat into the water, position it where you want it and ensure there is no air or water trapped underneath. Literally installed in seconds into a full or partially full pool. Suitable for all smooth-surface pool types (not tiles) on a level surface.

If you want a change, simply lift the PoolMat and move it around the pool, or alternate with other PoolMats.

PoolMat comes in a range of pre-manufactured designs in a standard 59- (4′ 11- / 1.5m) diameter at the price listed below, or, custom mats can be made, on provision of artwork, to almost any size.

– 1.5m diameter motif (or custom sizes available)
– Easy to install – just place in the water
– No adhesives, suction or special fixing
– Heavy duty 1/8- (3mm) vinyl mat with UV and chemical resistant inks
– Compatible with automatic cleaners
– Suitable for all pool types (excluding tiled finishes).
– Pre-manufactured or custom designs available.

Please Note: Pool Mats are not suitable for use in indoor pools.