pH Perfect & Chlor Perfect


Product Description

pH Expert – Includes Probe & Fittings
The pH Expert uses proportional dosing technology to maintain pH at a set point. The dosing time is automatically adjusted depending on the difference between the pH of your swimming pool and the pH set point.
– Range is 0 – 14 pH
– Accuracy of +/- 0.1
– All installation fittings are included, with the exception of chemical holding tanks.

Chlor Expert
Chlor Perfect continually measures the disinfecting ability of the water (otherwise known as the O.R.P or -Redox Potential’ and then accurately doses the required quantity of liquid chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) to maintain disinfectant at desired levels.
– -Boost’ function to superchlorinate at the touch of a button
– Alarms to warn of overdosing and empty chlorine tank
– Can be run alongside the -pH Expert’ for a more complete low maintenance water treatment routine