Natural Gas Heaters


Product Description

Certikin Gas Heaters
– Fully C E approved for most European countries.
– 80% Energy efficient
– Special adaptor provided for PVC plumbing.
– Unitherm governor – eliminates condensation and scale.
– Easy to service and maintain.
– Resistant to wind & downdrafts.
– Can be installed indoors and outdoors.
– High wind tops for the 185, 265 and 405 models are available on request.
– Quick-fit electrics – see Pool Controller CCP04
– Note – Vent kits / stackless tops are supplied FOC when ordering boiler.
– Cupro nickel heat exchangers are also available

Water Balance
Important – If you do not pay due regard to -Water Balance’ and regularly test your pool water with a good quality water testing set then you may suffer a damaged Heat Exchanger inside or outside your boiler, either through clogging up (excessive scaling) or corrosion by too much acid. This also invalidates warranty. See our Water Treatment section for our water testing set. This
applies to all Certikin Heaters.

Operating Through The Winter
Due to condensation boilers required to operate throughout the winter should not be installed outdoors.