Invertors Variable Speed Drives


Product Description

This Invertors Variable Speed Drives offers a potential payback of fewer than six months. Easy to install and programme, it is suitable for various pump models and can be linked to a Building Management System.

We are the swimming pool equipment suppliers in Dubai.

– IP66 rated
– Can be linked to BMS
– Keypad controls
– Up to 50oC operating conditions
– Easy to install and programme
– Payback potentially less than 6 months
Suitable for various pump models including: BP Range, BHP Range, Calpeda, Modern, Hurricane, Giant, Great Giant, Hydrostar, Columbia, Victoria, Aral, Maxim, Shark, Speck, Hayward, Waterco, Starite and DAB.

Swimming pool contractors in Dubai is using these pump in their projects

Example Of Cost Saving at 2015 prices.
Pump Size 5.5HP (4.1kW) 3 phase pump.
Operating time: 24 hours per day, 7 days a week,52 weeks per year