Fluvo X-Jet High Power Counter Current


Product Description

Fluvo X-Jet High Power Counter Current
A concept in unique and powerful counter current swimming. The wide area output flow creates a uniform current around the entire body, just like a wave in the ocean. The unique advantage of X-Jet is that swimming against a counter current is no longer pointed at a single point, but is experienced at the full width of the body. The control is done through touch sensitive buttons
to switch 1 or 2 pumps on and off. Due to the extremely flat construction with a height of only 25 mm,the X-jet can also be effectively installed in smaller pools. The system includes two certified secur 40 suction niches according to DIN 13451. This guarantees maximum safety in your pool.

Please contact the Pools Division Technical Team for advice regarding positioning of the two Secur 40 suction grilles to ensure optimum perfromance from the X-Jet system.

Power: 5.5kW
Phase: Single
Flow: 80m3/hr
Flow Velocity at the nozzle: 7.4m/s
Control: Pressure sensitive
Flow Regulation: 6 stages