Fi-Clor Algicides


Product Description

Multi-Functional Algicide (3 Ltr)
Fi-Clor Multi-Functional Algicde has 5 actions in one copper-free treatment
– Eliminates algae
– Protects the pool for a season
– Clarifies water
– Anti-stain
– Anti-scale

Extra Strong Algicide (3 Ltr)
Fi-Clor Extra Strong Algicde, with copper, destroys the most resistant of algaes
– Highly concentrated
– Long life formula
– Combats black & yellow/mustard algae

Concentrated Algicide (1 Ltr)

FI-Clor Ultra Concentrated Algicide helps prevent or treat algae. Dual action algicide and clarifier. Compatible with all sanitisers and filters.
– Highly concentrated
– Copper-free