Dehum & Integral Heater Coil Requiring LPHW


Product Description

Protect your pool building
Even when you cannot see it, moisture in the form of water vapour
is all around us in the air. The humidity in the air, if not controlled, will cause corrosion, mould and bacteria growth. When left unchecked, moisture damage in swimming pool buildings has caused major structural damage within a matter of months.

A false economy
Calorex dehumidifiers are exceptionally efficient, recovering all the energy that is contained in the moisture, without the need for costly ventilation. Using a Calorex minimises the need to introduce and heat cold outdoor air into the pool hall.

For interstitial condensation
Almost all solid materials allow moisture vapour to pass through. Brick, plaster, concrete, wood – all present no obstacle at all to the moisture held in swimming pool air. When warm, moist air cools on its way through the structure, interstitial condensation can occur hidden deep inside the building fabric. Within weeks insulation can become sodden, causing collapse of roofs and ceilings. Out of sight, mould and bacteria growth are rapid and, if left unchecked, timbers will rot and structural steel will corrode. By the time you notice, its too late – the damage has been done!

A better way
Calorex dehumidifiers cleverly convert the energy locked up in the moisture into heat used to heat the room. The free heat recovered by dehumidification is not only -green-, but it accelerates the drying process, keeps your boiler off for longer, reduces the evaporation from the pool and creates a warm dry environment for you to relax in.

– Defrost – standard on all models
– Air heating option available
– Optional through-the-wall model
– Variable humidistat
– Simple floor standing installation
– Economical and efficient