Dantherm Heat Pumps


Product Description

These heat pumps are a design and manufacture collaboration between Calorex and the Dantherm Heat Pumps Group. The Dantherm HPP heat pump is easy to install and is an affordable option for pool water heating.

Four models are available: HPP6; HPP8; HPP12 and HPP15, with a fifth model becoming available later in 2018.

Most of the reputed swimming pool companies in Dubai are using the Calorex heating cooling system.

Dantherm Heat Pump Features:
– quiet operation
– aesthetically pleasing design with an attractive graphite grey ABS cabinet
– Scroll or Rotary Compressor (dependent upon product size)
– reverse cycle defrost, enabling operation down to 3degC air temp
– water temperature range 15degC to 40degC
– ‘smart’ pool pump control
– condensate drain connection
– supplied with 1.5″ & 50mm socket unions for the water connections

We are the Calorex Heating Cooling system suppliers in Dubai.

These units come with a 3 year warranty:
– 1 year on site parts and labour
– 2 further years warranty – parts only