Clarifiers & Flocculant


Product Description

Clarifier Tablets (1.25kg)
Small particles present in suspension in pool water which are too fine to be retained by the sand filter alone, can make pool water hazy. FiClor Clarifier Tablets will coagulate these particles into a size that can be retained by the filter and will also improve its efficiency.
– Improves efficiency of sand filtration
– Compatible with all pool sanitisers

Granular Floc (3kg)
Fi-Clor Granular Floc clarifies pool water by total floc treatment, removing large amounts of suspended debris to leave your pool sparkling clear.
– Ideal following shock treatment

Liquid Floc (3 Ltr)
Fi-Clor Liquid Floc clears very cloudy pool water by removing large amounts of suspended debris.
– Concentrated source of aluminium floc
– Removes dead algae following shock treatment
– No pre-dissolving required

Rapid Clarifier (1 Ltr)
Fi-Clor Rapid Clarifier turns cloudy water crystal clear by improving the filtration of fine particles present in pool water
– Powerful formula
– Compatible with all pool sanitisers
– Can be used with filter running