Certikin Wall Inlets – Concrete Pools


Product Description

Adjustable Inlets for concrete pools: CK/HD 5015/502
Manufactured in chrome plated brass with stainless steel plates (CK) or in plastic (HD) Certikin adjustable inlets allow easy control of flow rates into the pool. The CK5015/502 can be installed in the pool floor for increased flow – particularly suitable for level deck pools.

Directional Inlets HD53 Eyeball Inlet

Direction of flow into pool is easily controlled by adjusting the -Eyeball- which features a safety grille to prevent children’s prying fingers. By adjusting the direction of flow, heating and chemical dispersion is made easier.

Low Suction HD54

Sited low down on the pool wall and used as a low level suction point. Also used in conjunction with the HD108 Automatic Level Controller.

Inlets & Returns
Available for all types of pool construction; when ordering please use the appropriate suffix as listed below:
C – for concrete pools
L – for liner pools
PL – for prefabricated pools with liners
Both the liner types include a watertight clamp plate and a cover plate which hides the fixing screws. Some of the range are available in a choice of plastic or chrome plated brass – please use the prefix as listed below:
HD – plastic
CK – chrome plated brass (for concrete pools only)