Certikin UV System


Product Description

Bring water to life with Certikin UV-C
Our new range of UV Systems consist of the CUV30 (30 Watt UV bulb), CUV55 (55 Watt UV bulb) and the CUV110 (2 x 55Watt UV bulbs).

CUV’s ensure that your pool or spa water will have amazing clarity, by killing the single cell algae that causes green water.

All systems have been designed using the latest design technology to ensure that the water will flow effectively within the unit, allowing the ultraviolet light to destroy the algae as it passes through.

Not only does the CUV look very stylish, making it a fantastic addition to any pool, but it has been designed with a fully UV stabilised, tough outer casing. This means that the CUV can withstand the recommended operating pressures.

The CUV has a low energy, electronic ballast that is positioned in a fully water tight compartment, fused with full thermal overload protection. Our CUV is built with both safety and low running costs in mind.

Certikin UV Systems are simple to install, and are supplied with pre-fitted stainless steel mounting brackets that allow you to fix the unit horizontally or vertically. Every model comes complete with a 2 year guarantee for total peace of mind.