Certikin Suncap 500 Micron Blue/Silver


Product Description

Suncap: Premium Life Span; Premium Performance; Premium Payback
Exclusive to Certikin in the UK, the Suncap solar blanket offers the highest level of quality, longevity and value for money available in our market today. Designed to cope with harsh conditions in Australia, Suncap offers maximum durability against the effects of sun, salt and chlorine and this is backed up by warranty periods of up to 6 years.

The core, ultra tough bubble material and the propriety extrusion techniques used in its manufacture are the secret to the products effectiveness, strength and durability, and
the inclusion of superior UV inhibitors increase the covers resilience even more. In addition, the effectiveness of Suncap material is such that it can help to inrease pool water temperatures by 8OC.

The even distribution of material across the bubble increases its strength and hence extends the covers life. The -corners’ of traditional bubbles are potential weak points as material distribution can be thinner at these points – the points more susceptible to catching on copings etc. The bubble shape also provides superior buoyancy and excellent adhesion to the water during high winds and its lower profile makes the cover more compact when rolled around a reel system.

– Blue / silver colour
– 6 year pro-rata guarantee
– Ultra tough materials – maximum durability
– Reflective underside increases heat retention
– 1270mm panel width
– 450g per m2