Certikin Pool Liners


Product Description

Certikin have now been manufacturing liners for over ten years – once the new kids on the block we are now firmly established within the liner market, and for good reason. With a pattern and colour range which continues to provide the traditional options but also challenge the norm’, we offer a wider choice than ever before to liven up almost any pool. In-house state of the art design and cutting procedures ensure even the most complex shapes and sizes can be re-created and our overall delivered package, which includes our unique reinforced card-fibre drum as opposed to a cumbersome box and a free-of-charge selection of Certikin liner fittings, offers value for money that nobody else can match.

Our pool vinyls are sourced from the world’s leading vinyl manufacturers: Canadian General Tower; Elbtal Plastics and Renolit, all of whom create materials to exacting standards and have a combined manufacturing experience of over 160 years. This range of supply allows Certikin to have the widest choice of patterns and colours available in the UK market, including many exclusive designs, without compromising quality.

Modern design and manufacture techniques allow us to take these excellent materials and create a high quality liner for almost any size or shape of pool, including those with features such as ledges, freeform curves, cover pits and integral steps.

As such, all of the liners Certikin manufacture, offer the following qualities and features:
– Lacquered surfaces over high quality prints to help guard against abrasion, staining and UV attack.
– Inclusion of anti-microbial bodies to help combat biological attack and marking.
– High levels of flexibility.
– High resistance to breaking, tearing and puncturing.
– Resistance to water temperatures up to 30degC.
– Resistance to pool chemicals in a balanced water environment.
– Manufactured in a clean, purposely equipped factory environment incorporating trained staff and cutting and welding machinery specifically designed for the manufacture of pool liners.
– 10 year pro rata guarantee

It should be noted that, despite best efforts and best practice during manufacture and despite use of the finest raw materials that the following restrictions apply and/or the following effects may be visible and are in no way classed as faults.
– Patterns on printed floor and wall panels and on tile bands, including mosaics, may not match at the seams due to high stretch factors, pattern complexity and cutting techniques – aesthetic quality is not regarded as a warranty issue – pool owners should be made aware of this when choosing a liner pattern.
– Many darker materials are printed on lighter backgrounds. It is therefore common to have a fine light-coloured line along each seam due to the flow of material as it fuses together – this is the mark of a solid weld and is not a fault.
– Liner installation should ideally not be attempted in temperatures of below 10OC as the stretch factor of the liner will be greatly reduced – if installation is planned in temperatures lower than this please contact us to discuss sizing.
– If you are not happy with the initial fit of the liner, stop the installation and call us to discuss.
DO NOT CUT THE LINER. Cutting of the liner will be seen as acceptance of the product.