Certikin Euroswim Pump Supply In Dubai


Product Description

The Certikin Euroswim Pump Supply in Dubai is an ideal pump for swimming pools, spas and water gardens. The Certikin Euroswim pump is the perfect choice for pools up to 1500 m3/hr. It is available in both manual and electric models and features a robust cast iron body that ensures long life and trouble-free operation. For spas and water gardens, the Certikin Euroswim pump offers high performance at an attractive price. Its automatic suction control means you can enjoy low running costs while still achieving high pool turnover rates.

Certikin Euroswim Pump Supply In Dubai

Certikin Euroswim is a leading supplier of swimming pool pumps and swimming pool equipment in Dubai. We offer a wide range of pumps and systems, from traditional to advanced models, to meet the needs of both home and commercial users.

Pump prices start at AED 1,000, and our experienced sales team can help you choose the right pump for your needs. We also offer a variety of warranty and repair options to ensure that you are always satisfied with our products.

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The Certikin Euroswim Pump

Certikin Euroswim is a leading supplier of swimming pool pumps in Dubai. We offer a wide range of pumps, including electric, gas and manual pumps. We also have a range of accessories, including filtration systems, ultraviolet (UV) lamps and controllers.

If you’re looking for a quality pump that will keep your pool running smoothly, look no further than Certikin Euroswim. We offer a wide variety of pumps to meet the needs of all types of pools. Our electric and gas pumps are both reliable and affordable, making them a great choice for budget-minded homeowners and business owners. Plus, our team is dedicated to ensuring that you get the best possible customer service available.

So why not give Certikin Euroswim a try? You won’t regret it!

Certikin Euroswim Pump Specifications

Certikin Euroswim Pump Specifications

Certikin Euroswim pumps are the perfect choice for swimming pools and spas in Dubai. With a variety of specifications to choose from, we have the perfect pump for your needs. From low-speed pumps to high-speed pumps, we have something for everyone.

If you are looking for a pumps with a low noise level, our low-speed pumps are perfect for you. These pumps can reach up to 4,000 RPM without making too much noise. If you want a pump that is more efficient, our high-speed pumps are the perfect option for you. These pumps can reach up to 12,000 RPM and are made with less noise so that you can enjoy your pool or spa while it is in use.

We also offer specialty pumps, such as our pre-filter pump. This pump is specifically designed to help reduce the amount of contaminants in your pool or spa water. Keeping your pool or spa clean and free of contaminants is essential for keeping it healthy and sparkling clean.

So don’t wait any longer – come visit Certikin Euroswim today and check out our wide selection of pumps!

Certikin Euroswim Pump Reviews

Certikin Euroswim is a company that specializes in pumps for aquatics. They have a wide variety of pumps, both for private and commercial use. Certikin Euroswim also offers spare parts for their pumps, making it easy to keep your pump running smoothly.

One Certikin Euroswim pump that we’ve been especially impressed with is the Euroswim Pump Supply. This pump is perfect for private swimming pools and can handle a lot of water flow. Plus, it has a sleek design that will look great in any pool setting.

If you’re looking for an affordable pump that will work well in your pool, the Euroswim Pump Supply is definitely worth considering.

The sought-after Euroswim Pump is a low noise, self-priming centrifugal pump with a large pre-filter basked enabling the user to empty less often and minimise maintenance.

We are the swimming pool equipment suppliers in Dubai.

Euroswim Pump Features
– High-efficiency pump for swimming pools
– High capacity pre-filter: Up to 1.5HP 4 litres and 3HP from 5 litres
– 2- suction and discharge ports reinforced with stainless steel rings
– Liquid temperature: Up to 60 deg C
– Ambient temperature: Up to 50 deg C
– Reduced noise levels of 53-64 LpA
– Strainer cover in clear polycarbonate to guarantee constant visibility through time
– Suitable for salt chlorinated pools

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