Carbon Dioxide Dosing


Product Description

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is increasingly being used for pH control within the swimming pool industry. When injected or diffused into the pool water, the CO2 forms a mild carbonic acid for pH control as well as forming natural bicarbonate which assists in the stabilisation of the pH level.

Why CO2-
CO2 offers a number of advantages over the mineral acids such as sodium bisulphate and
hydrochloric acid:
– CO2 is colourless, odourless and a non-flammable gas. It is easy to handle and dose and is dangerous only if released into a confined area. It requires no special protective equipment
– Under COSHH regulations a pool operator must carry out a risk assessment in selecting the chemicals to use in a pool. The first step is to ascertain whether using an alternative
process or chemical can eliminate the risk – CO2 scores on this count
– Deliveries are unlikely to result in emergencies because of spillages and, where ventilation is good, CO2 does not demand any special safety monitoring for leakage
– Unlike mineral acids, itis not possible to mix CO2 with sodium or calcium hypochlorite
(in liquid form) through spillage in bunds or operator error. This means there is no possibility of accidental production of chlorine gas – a significant hazard in swimming pool installations
– Due to its natural buffering action, CO2 provides improved process control. pH reduction is more gradual than with mineral acids making accurate control inherently easier but sometimes slower.

CO2 Injector
An essential part of any CO2 system – the injector. The injector has been specifically designed so that the injection quill / defuser can easily be removed for cleaning without the need to isolate the circulation line.

CO2 Flow Controller
An IP rated enclosure which allows adjustment of CO2 flow to the injection point. Supply can be connected to CertiChem controllers for automatic control based on pH water parameters.