Bromine Tablets


Product Description

Bromine is similar to chlorine in its effectiveness as a sanitiser but there are some important
– Bromine should be dosed into the pool via a chemical feeder (brominator), which is usually installed in the plant room after the filter and heater.
– Bromine, like chlorine, combines with organic compounds to form bromamines, but unlike chloramines, bromamines cause little or no eye, skin and nasal irritation. Also there is not the pungent smell sometimes associated with certain types of chloramines.
– As it takes 2.2mg/l of bromine to equal 1mg/l free chlorine, so bromine levels need to be kept higher between 3.0 to 5mg/l.
– Bromine retains better levels of efficiency over a wider pH band than chlorine.

SwimFresh Bromine Tablets
SwimFresh Bromine Tablets should be dosed via a chemical feeder (brominator), which is easy and inexpensive to install retrospectively to an existing pool. When set up correctly your brominator will dispense the correct amount of bromine into the pool to maintain the ideal level between 3.0 to 5.0mg/l and all you need to do is top up the brominator with new tablets as and when required, this makes maintaining the sanitiser level in your pool very straightforward.