Blocks, Flags, Turning Panels


Product Description

Starting Blocks
Designed to be strong and stable for a perfect start. Made from AISI-316 stainless steel, the platform and steps are made from 100% non-slip polyester and glass fibre.

Turning Panels
For use in level deck or overflow pools, the turning panel is situated at the end of the pool and provides a turning point for the competition swimmer. Made from AISI-316 stainless steel frame with a plastic lattice screen. For use with CEMLA43 and CEMIA43 anchors (not included).

Backstroke turn indicators
Situated 5 metres from the each end of the pool, backstroke turn indicators are a line of flags crossing the water to warn backstroke swimmers that they are nearing the end of the pool so that they can prepare for their turn.

One set of posts consists of 4 x 316 grade stainless steel posts, 1.8m in height. They are for use with anchorings CEMLA43 and CEMIA43 (not included), and should be ordered with a set of turn indicator flags to suit the width of the pool.

False Start Indicators
Situated 15 metres from the starting blocks, the false start indicator is a line of floats that is designed to be dropped into the pool across its width to warn swimmers that the race has been called back.

One set of posts consists of one pulley and one quick release post, each 1.8m tall. They should be ordered with false start indicator ropes, in either 12.5m or 21 m length to suit the width of the pool. They are for use with anchorings CEMLA43 and CEMIA43 (not included)

Water Polo
Stainless steel water polo goals are designed for pool edge fastening via pinch anchor sockets in a grouted pool surround. They consist of a 316 grade stainless steel frame with treated wood goal posts and cross bar.

Each set consists of a deep end goal, a shallow end goal, pinch anchor sockets, drop in cover and 2.5m standard nets. Folds away for easy storage.