Autopilot Digital Salt Chlorine Generators


Product Description

Autopilot Digital Salt Chlorine Generators
– Low minimum salt level – operates at only 2,500ppm
– Market leading technology with a fluorescent digital display which reads out the salt level and calculates how much salt needs to be added to prevent overdosing.
– Displays temperature, flow and diagnostics
– Choice of superchlorinaton modes (24 & 72 hours)
– Patented bypass manifold system for ease of installation and efficient chlorine delivery
– Self-cleaning cell which operates in water up to 400C and a salt content up to 35,000ppm
– Built-in temperature compensation for output and freeze protection for over winter
– Time clock to operate the pump built-in and push button controls
– Check compatibility of heating equipment before installation

Autopilot Nano
Pool Pilot Digital Nano features include microprocessor controls with adigital read-out of pool water temperature, current salt level, chlorinator production level and more. It also tells you how much salt to add should it run low. Autopilot’s patented manifold is included with both Nano models as standard.

SpaPilot – Spa Sanitising System
The SpaPilot is a salt chlorine generator designed specifically for portable spas. The flush mount controller with in-line cell can be installed in new tubs or retro fitted.
– Produces 9g of chlorine per hour
– Low Salt Level – designed to operate at only 1300 ppm
– Digital display
– Push button controls
– Boost button and Boost LED indicator
– Built in diagnostics and error reporting