Aqua Drolics


Product Description

Toddler Pools
The Aqua Drolics construction system, which uses fibreglass-enforced polyester pool elements, enables the construction of an infant pool in many shapes and all sizes. An Aqua Drolics Toddler Pool can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The Aqua Drolics system can also be used to easily create a fun and playful -water play area’ in an already existing space on a level surface for parents and infants.

Products with hand pumps
There are a wide range of features with hand pumps that invite children to play in an active way. These products don’t need a water supply anda pump – they can be installed in the pool without any further facilities.

Water Playgrounds
The playground is available in many combinations with huts, towers and all kinds of water jets and controls for the kids to play with. Active play is the main focus in the design of the play objects. Children must be able to work with the products. For example:
– Turning a rudder to make the water squirt harder or softer
– Passing a sensor to activate a sudden spurt of water
– Throwing a ball into a play object to activate a squirt of water
– Trying to manoeuvre across a surprise fountain without being hit by a sudden spurt of water.

Our Aqua Drolics range is extensive. Please contact Certikin Commercial for further details.