AQ Box DIY Pool Enclosure


Product Description

AQ Box enclosures come in 3 different sizes with 2 different glazing and can be ordered all year long. The parts are placed inside a wooden box together with the assembly manual that ensures easy DIY assembly. Supplied ready to build – they are quick and easy to install.

Child Protection – Segment Locking
The AQ Box enclosures come with a state-of-art locking system that includes a unique design key. This multi-functional lock was designed and produced by Aquacomet therefore it is patented. The innovative solution provides positioning and securing on the rails as well as ensures child safe locking.

Front & End Walls
– AQ box FLAT enclosures come with removable front and back walls – both in one piece – with side mounted sliding doors while the AQ box STANDARD enclosures also feature a removable back wall, front wall, and a side mounted door.

Both types of AQ box enclosures’ glazing panels, 6mm double wall Polycarbonate or 3 mm SAN solid, are UV protected on both sides.

The 20 mm tall rails are secured to the ground to ensure easy gliding of the segments and the steel wind hooks provide permanent wind and storm protection.

Segment Rubber
High quality silicone rubber provides great insulation between the segments. It only touches the segments when they are in a closed position to avoid damage when the segments move. .

Rounded Profiles
The enclosure parts are produced of elegant, rounded ano¬dized aluminum alloy profiles developed and patented by Aquacomet.

Plastic End Caps
The horizontal profiles, which collect all the arches, include aesthetic plastic molded end caps that are also designed to accommodate the special arrest system.

Segment Positioning
Aquacomet developed special arrest system is installed in the AQ box enclosures that ensure child safe and easy locking of the segments when they are out of use.