Product Description

SwimFresh Regular Algaecide
Dosed into the pool weekly, this non copper based algaecide does not have a long life, which is why it should be dosed weekly. When used as directed, Algae controller will prevent a broad spectrum of algae inhabiting your pool.

SwimFresh Copper based Algicide
A relatively long lasting copper based algaecide that will control and prevent most algae types. Ensure pH levels are in the ideal range when using this product, compatible with SwimFresh sanitizers, but do not use with PHMB or ionizers.

SwimFresh Copper Free Algicide
A relatively long lasting non metallic based algaecide that will last for up to 3 months in pool
water. This product has wide chemical compatibility and works in wide pH ranges.

SwimFresh Winterfresh
A long life copper free algaecide formulated to prevent algae growth during the late autumn/winter and early spring in outdoor swimming pools. Also contains sequesterant to
minimise scale and staining during the -close’ season. Wide sanitizer product compatibility.